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This registration will allow you to bid at 5 STAR AUTO AUCTIONS open to the public.
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5 Star Auto Auction 

Please note the following terms and conditions
The public is invited to attend an auction including used vehicles from 5 Star Auto Auction at 93 Sharon Rd. Greenville, Pennsylvania 16125. Attendance is limited to people 18 years old and up. No chairs. No pets.

 2018 Schedule 


Registration & Preview is the Friday to Monday before the sale date from 10am to 4pm.
The auction may be cancelled or rescheduled at the discretion of the Director, Bureau of Vehicle Management.
Vehicle auctions are Open to the Public
Vehicle auctions are open to members of the general public, including dealers. Attendance at an auction is limited to those who are at least of 18 years of age. For safety reasons, No Pets & No Chairs.
Preview of vehicles: 
  • Prospective bidders can register and then inspect the vehicles located at the 5 Star Auto Auction, 93 Sharon Rd. Greenville, Pennsylvania 16125 on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday prior to the sale from 9:00 AM. - 4:00 PM. (except holidays); 
  • It is the responsibility of the bidders, by careful personal examination of the vehicles to determine the nature and extent of any and all defects; 
  • This sale consists of vehicles include offerings from other various sources including, but not limited to dealer auction overstock, banks, credit unions, and others.
Terms and conditions of the Auction:
  • All vehicles are sold on an "AS-IS, WHERE-IS" basis. The 5 Star Auto Auction offers no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose;
  • There will be no refunds or adjustments if the sale, or a vehicle in the sale does not meet the personal expectations of the buyer, or if the buyer does not inspect the vehicle prior to sale;
  • There will be NO Arbitration - NO Returns.
Registration and Bidding Procedures:
  • Registration begins at 9:00 AM. to 4:00 PM. on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the auction prior to the sale date. All vehicles will be released to the successful bidder by assigned registration numbers. Prospective bidders must register and receive a number to bid on vehicles;
  • Bidders are responsible for making distinct, clearly recognizable bids and wear their bidder badge;
  • 5 Star Auto Auction reserves the right to reject any and all bids on a particular item. In the event a misunderstanding occurs between two bidders, the auctioneer or manager has the prerogative to void all bids and re-auction the vehicle;
  • This IS NOT an absolute sale. Units are remarketed to obtain the closest price as possible to current market conditions based on wholesale market value with many variables (i.e., color, condition, options, miles, and many others);
  •  A security deposit of $500 (cash only). Only cash will be accepted for security deposits. All security deposits are non-refundable whether or not the transaction occurs. The security deposit will be deducted from the final total amount due;
  • Failure to provide deposit immediately will result in the resale of the vehicle and you will be asked to leave the auction, barred from future sales, and may be responsible for any loss of sale that may occur on the resale.
  • Full & final payment for vehicles must be made on the day of the sale before the office closes which will vary based on the amount of vehicles being offered. The office closing will be announced in the lobby when the last person is being served at the counter. There is no set time for the office closing and this condition does not constitute any reason or excuse for non-payment of vehicles. Any questions of when the office is closing can only be answered by the general manager of the auction;
  • Cash only in large denominations of bills will be accepted. Please bring only $50 and $100 dollar denominations. No $1 $5, $10, or $20 denominations will be accepted, or you may be charged a cash handling fee;
  • Сompany checks will not be accepted for payment of vehicles;
  • A buyer's fee will be charged based on a sliding scale from $125. Everyone that registers will receive a copy of all potential fees.
Payment - Sales Tax:
  • All sales are subject to the prevailing Pennsylvania Sales Tax, payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" at time of application for title, unless the purchaser is a registered dealer or otherwise exempt.
Titles, Transfers and Tags:
  • Applications for new license plates or transfers must be processed at the sale site;
  • Pennsylvania residents will pay a temporary tag fee, registration fee, title fee, and sales tax based on the prevailing rates. Everyone that registers will receive a copy of all potential fees;
  • Out of state residents will pay an administrative fee and an in-transit tag fee;
  • Proof of current insurance is required when transferring or obtaining license plates;
  • Certificate of title for each vehicle purchased will be assigned to the successful buyer upon receipt of final payment.
Removal of Vehicles:
  • Buyers must remove vehicles from 5 Star Auto Auction’s lot or the outlying property within 30 days from the date of the auction. If a vehicle is not removed within 30 days, a $5 per day storage fee will be charged. The total storage fee must be paid in cash before the vehicle can be removed;
  • 5 Star Auto Auction is not responsible for vandalism, damage, or running condition of vehicles after they have been sold and/or crossed the auction block;
  • Vehicles shall be removed between the hours of 9: 00 A. M. - 5:00 P. M. Monday- Friday, holidays excepted.
When checking out...
The check-out procedure takes time, much like at a regular DMV/MVA office If you are only purchasing one vehicle, it is a good idea to proceed directly to the main counter after you leave your payment at the auction office to start the check-out process. Our friendly staff tries very hard to accommodate everyone as fast as they can and thank you in advance for your patience! Again, the check-out procedure takes time.
If there are any questions to any of these policies,
Only the office or general manager may provide the correct answers.
Thank You
* Bidding in ANY form is a contractual agreement to purchase! 
* There is no way of backing out of a sale once you are the winning bidder.

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5 Star Auto Auction
93 Sharon Rd.
Greenville, Pennsylvania 16125
Phone: (724) 885-0054; Fax: (724) 373-8149


Buyers should thoroughly inspect any vehicle before bidding on them.
Nothing removed from premises until it is paid in full.
Buyers Fee Scale:
- $0      -$1000 $125 Fee
- $1050-$2000 $175 Fee
- $2001-$2050 $225 Fee
- $2051-$3050 $275 Fee
- $3051 and up above the final bid - $325 Fee
Each vehicle is sold “As-Is-Where-Is”. This means the vehicle is sold “As-Is” without any warranty, either expressed or implied. The buyer will bear the entire expense of repairing and correcting any defects that presently exist or that may occur with the vehicle. No seller or representative of 5 Star Auto Auction shall promise in writing or otherwise that a particular defect(s) does not exist. 
The vehicle you choose to buy will be transferred directly to you by the seller.  5 Star Auto Auction is acting as agent only.
We only sell and transfer PA plates.
It is the buyers responsibility to apply for a new title in their state immediately after purchase.
Proof of current insurance (with both effective and expiration date) in the buyers name with a state photo ID that matches exactly with correct address on ID is mandatory to receive or transfer a PA plate or registration. We do not sell out of state in-transit plates.
Do not lose your paperwork. Receipt placement is a $20.00 Fee plus $2.00 for each month that we have to go back.
Buyer must be present and have a current state photo ID.

Do not sell or buy any vehicle from anyone on the site of this auction unless the transaction is made
through the auction office. This request is to protect your interest by insuring that your transfer documents and other paperwork are properly processed and valid.
Violators will be banned from doing any future business. 
Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.


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